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  • Statistics show that very few companies survive as much as 70 years, about 14 in 100, and you (Team SCM) are lucky to have such a long history and legacy. Also the 3rd generation in business, “You are even more fortunate than the HK Group in terms of having Shri Shantikaka’s and Shishirbhai, Sameerbhai’s blessings guidance throughout.”

    In a way, in terms of Integrity & Honesty in doing business, SCM is at a very high level than most other companies he knows, and it’s a constant source of inspiration for him too.

    Between SCM and HK, sharing and learnings are mutual. He has recently adopted the Suvas bhai’s style of asking anyone who comes for a solution (Is it in line with Company policies ? Will it benefit the Customer ? Will it benefit our Company ? “If yes, what are you waiting for ?”)

    Greatest motivation for all of us Indians is Modiji, who works 18 hours a day ! Any one of us can view his speeches/etc everyday and get self-motivated.

    Its was once said that, “a Learning Organisation is an Earning Organisation.”Rather now it is, “a Learning Member is an Earning Member.” All the more need for Team members to be more and more well-read, informed and updated.

    In life and in work, either you choose the work you love, Or Love the work you choose/do.

    But in either case, whatever you do, it must be done with passion. Or better leave it.

    - Ghanshyam bhai Dholakia, MD of Hari Krishna Group
  • Dear Shantilal C Mehta Parivar

    Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

    - Rakshak Singhvi, Sadbhav Engineering Ltd.
  • I take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team at SCM and would like to say that it really has been a pleasure working with you all and you guys have helped us with our operations. You surely are making excellence a Habit with exceptional team work and fantastic leadership. Also, would like to congratulate you on being the most organized organisation in this un-organized sector.

    Also, considering myself as part of the SCM Team and you all as part of the AMPL team, i only have one thing to say...."Its just the beginning and we have miles to go before we Sleep, so just take a deep breath, let the moment sink in and lets take a step forward towards greater heights"

    - Sarup Agarwal, Ambey Mining Pvt. Ltd
  • Dear Sri Shishir bhai, Sameer bhai, Suvas bhai and Kaushal bhai Mehta :

    Congratulations to all of you and your entire TEAM SCM at Mumbai for your Company is achieving the coveted ISO 9001 Certification. This is one more feather in the cap of SCM Family.

    I appreciate and am moved by the invite to join you all, which I consider an honour. Much as I would have liked to attend the function, physically it is not presently possible due to my earlier commitments. However, request you all to consider me present in spirit and ALL my best wishes are with you.

    May God Bless you all to cross many more mile stones as SCM is a value based company

    - Harsh Agarwalla, Dhansar Engineering Co Pvt Ltd
  • Dear Suvas,

    I am very happy and proud seeing your ownership, involvement and commitment to excellence and the focused progress you are making in ensuring that your Company moves up the professional ladder. Keep going and I am sure you will reap Success and Happiness.

    Wishing you the very best in all your future endeavors.

    - Col Vinod George, Chief Operating Officer – Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd
  • Shantilal C. Mehta,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!On this joyous occasion celebrating 70yrs of establishment. We are sending our best wishes from SLBC FAMILY JAYPEE GROUP and pray to God for elevation and strengthen of your entire business empire.

    Our company has long associations with Sh. Shantilal C. Mehta & Company.Durability,reliability and trust are the very important things that make a company successful. These aspects are clearly depicted in your leadership style.Whole SLBC Family feel proud for sending this message. We thankfully acknowledge good will and support all the time.

    Once again warm wishes on behalf of entire team.

    With Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mr. Mehta and SCM team,

    It has been a great experience interacting with your team in last 2 years. We generally have good amount of interaction with Ms. Rosy and yourself and the kind of response we get is excellent.

    With such a motivated and dedicated team, we are also sure that your team will continue to demonstrate excellence.

    All the best from Tata Steel.

    - Suyog Kosarabe,
  • Dear Kaushal,

    It is my immense pleasure to commemorate you on your 70th year of business bonding with mining fraternity. 7 decades of business flagship in a financial capital of the country, that too on the eve of celebrating 71st Independence Day, WHAT a coincidence, I have no words but will spell few words on this occasion.

    “Outstanding people have one thing in common i.e. absolute sense of dedication & business as a mission.” I want to be around people like you, who dream & support, share their feelings & valuable time & ideas and do thing for the Indian mining fraternity. I adore your humble & Soft approach, your business sense and attitude towards fellow business community.

    Although you have achieved a milestone in supporting the fellow businessman all around our country in making import substitution of the right product/brand and many more, but I can forsee that, there are many more challenges left in this trade & further milestone to achieve. I heartily wish your group to achieve all this in coming years and wish you all the BEST for your future endeavours in achieving a peak in this trade.

    - A. K. Shrimali, Executive President, R. K. Marble Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dear Shantial Mehta family,

    We know how much you have tireless worked to get it; being persistent and dedicating time and effort.

    We know you always set your sight high and make constant effort to achieve goals. We are really happy with this success .

    We cannot celebrate it with you today but we will do it in December.

    Best wishes from your Family and all BYG team.

    - Javier, Juan & Cristina, BYG
  • I hope our relation will continue for ever and will be able to celebrate 100 years together. All the Best.

    - Krishna Das, ITR Middle East FZCO