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Hydraulic fluid
Hydraulic fluid filters are used to protect hydraulic cylinders, controls, and hydraulic systems used on machinery. These machines are used in extreme conditions where external and internal contamination can enter the hydraulic system. These contaminants contribute to roughly 70% of the failures caused on hydraulic systems.

  • Multiple hydraulic fluid filters are used in each machine to protect hydraulic components.
  • Component failures due to contaminated fluid cause 70% of all construction machinery breakdowns

Mechanical Transmissions
Mechanical Transmissions and hydraulic oil-driven hydrostatic systems generate metallic and other contamination. These contaminants cause damage to transmission components if not filtered properly.

  • Transmission filters are used in transmission(drive-train) circuits for on-highway/off-highway machinery.
  • Mechanical wear generates contamination including metallic debris.

Engine oil filters
Engine oil filters are used in various types of engines to remove contaminants from the oil.Pistons and other components inside of engines operate at high speeds to generate power.During this process, metallic debris and other sediment are generated which reduces performance and increases the risk of engine failure.

  • Engines require clean lubrication to operate efficiently.
  • Metallic debris and other contamination are caused during operation.
  • Filtering contaminants ensure stable performance and reduces the risk of engine failure.

Fuel filters
Fuel filters are used in construction machinery to remove contaminants and water from diesel fuel.Countries worldwide are tightening exhaust gas emission rules, leading to significant improvements in the environmental performance of engines. To achieve those improvements, however, engines need to be more complex and use cleaner fuel.Exhaust gas emission regulations are set to become stricter, even in emerging countries where low-quality fuel containing contaminants are sold widely. This trend is likely to spur even greater interest in filters.

  • Fuel filters remove contaminants from diesel fuel
  • Exhaust gas emission regulations are becoming stricter worldwide
  • Filters are likely to become even more important in emerging countries, where low-quality fuel is widespread