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Track Pads are thicker, more durable and longer lasting. primary technology and the selection of elaborate material; Track Pad protects surfaces and provide the traction needed from your machine.


  • Track Pads featured better installation and replacement lessening machine downtime and labor cost.
  • Excellent surface protection and won't damage paved roads the way bare steel tracks can.
  • State-of-art technology enhances tensile strength, and ensures flowing traveling.
  • Endurable working hours up to 4000 hours.
  • Chain-on rubber trackpads are also available on 450mm and 600mm.

Material Properties:Rubber Track Pad helps absorbing the vibration during machine operation, which effectively protects the undercarriage parts from loosening quickly; it also provides better traction for climbing upward and preventing slippery on rainy days or slope-parking.

Internal Structure:With supporting frames inside the pads, when rubber part wears, the track shoes are being well protected and could be reused many times.

External Features:Made with exclusive chamfers that help avoiding leaving scratches on the GRound, reducing the chances of rubber chunking off from the edge and facilitating the turning and moving of the machine.

Overall Design:Rubber Track Pad pads can be replaced solely without removing or changing track shoes, which eliminates both time and the cost spent on replacement.